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Welcome to BStaged, your first choice in amazing home staging.  They say it’s all about location in real estate, but we believe it’s much more than that.  A well staged home can make all the difference in not only IF your home sells, but at what price and at what length of time.  It could be argued that staging your home for sale is one of the most important yet most overlooked areas of the real estate business today.  Most of us have toured a home before or at least seen pictures of properties for sale online.  In many cases, we see these homes and think something like, “I love that house…but that bedroom was just terrible.”  Imagine if it had been better staged…do you think that house could have actually been the home of your dreams.  Possibly…

We want to help you make your home look it’s absolute best.  Whether it’s a single room that needs some attention or the whole house…we can help.  To save on the costs of staging, we can utilize your existing furniture and accessories by reorganizing the positioning and flow into a more “buyer-friendly” layout.  Plus, we have access to the best furniture, accessories and more to create a whole new look or to add to your existing pieces.  We can work in any style from the ultra modern to shabby chic.  We will work with you to put together a plan that is not only delivered on time…but also on budget.  Give us a call today to talk about your needs.   We would love to hear from you!

Family & Living Rooms

A staged family or living room can give a real sense of warmth in a home.  The majority of buyers hunting for that dream house need a vision of what your home has the potential to look like…in a universally accepted style.  Let us help you create that desirable look.

Dining Rooms

While not everyone dreams of a formal dining room, if your home has one…stage it!  It’s easy to envision hosting a family get together or special holiday when the table is set with luxe linens, florals and sharp flatware.  We have the expertise to help you sell your home quickly!

Additional Rooms

Whether you are looking to improve the look of a bedroom, bathroom, sun room or man cave, we can help.  We offer affordable home staging prices that will give you the best advantage to sell your home quickly…and at a price that will make you smile.

Take a Look at Our Sample Staging Gallery

The Living Room

Let’s use this living room as an example.  Take note of the placement of furniture.  Placing chairs and end tables in conversational layouts will create the illusion of the perfect night with the family or the ultimate entertainer’s delight.  The room doesn’t look too big or too small and it creates just the right sense of warmth with a collection of attractive accent pieces.

The Dining Room

In this dining room, the dark table is used as the focal point with elegant place settings adorning the top.  Slipcovered chairs can make old furniture new and the smaller hutch creates more walking space giving the buyer a sense of additional space.  It’s these little techniques that can make the difference in getting your home SOLD!

Additional Rooms

We offer staging for every room of the house…and even the exterior spaces.  Four seasons or sun rooms like in this photo can be major selling points for a home.  The additional space is often used for toy overflow or even storage.  Showing a potential buyer what the space could look like can help sell your property more quickly and get you top dollar!

Want to see more Before & After Photos?  Click here.

* According to a study by The International Association of Home Staging Professionals and

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About Me:

Seven years ago, my family was transferred for a job opportunity and we had to sell our home. I used my creativity and design talents to “stage” our home for the market. We hired a realtor and she was so impressed by our home that she told me I should do this for a living because I was good at it. We listed our home on a Friday, and by Monday we had an offer. Staging Works!!

For my clients, I will help prepare your house for the sales market. The stage must be set to welcome potential buyers and show them the features & benefits of your house over the competition. I will bring my talents & creativity to assist you in getting top dollar for your house. Staged homes separate themselves from those that have not taken the time & investment to enter a very hard market. Allow me the opportunity to assist you with getting top dollar for your house so you may move forward to the next phase of your life!

Brandy Beale has a skilled eye and endless talents. She is professional, extremely thorough in her assessment and very detailed with her suggestions.  The energy and heartfelt care that she puts into her work is unprecedented.  Working with her is not only a great experience, but her experience and creativity definitely made my home more appealing to potential buyers.  She got the job done.

Charis Nutter

Owner, Bling Your LidZ

Brandy’s dedication to a task is what puts her ahead professionally.  She does what it takes to get a job done on time and in a satisfactory manner.  She has the ability to listen to others and truly understand what is being communicated.  She has an eye for what works and an ability to problem solve.  Her style is up to the minute and adaptable.  She is a gifted decorator with the professional drive and communication skills needed for success.


Lucia Clark

Agent, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Brandy has always had a great eye for decorating a home. She has great organizational skills and a simple way of decorating. One thing she always told me was that “less is more”. She is always eager to help in this capacity. I am confident that Brandy has been blessed with this great talent and I’m so thankful that she is now going to be able to bless others with her talent. I’ve been blessed with her helping me before and now she can bless others!


Nicole Wright


I appreciated that Brandy used what was already in the house.  She enhanced the look by bringing in accessories to finish each room.  You know she loves what she does by her enthusiasm and attention to detail, and wants to help you sell your house.  I found her to be a pleasure to work with and her creativity was very unique and “outside the box”.  She really made a difference in how the house was presented to prospective buyers.

Candice Faye


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